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On 6 January restart of the Show
TOULOUSE LAUTREC CHEZ MAXIM'S each Monday night 19h, with  : Véronique Fourcaud, Fabrice Coccitto & Gérard Chambre. Presented par Monsieur Pierre Cardin

On 6 January restart of the Comedy Musical Jacqueline Kennedy, la Dame en Rose chez Maxim's produced by Monsieur Pierre CARDIN



On 7 October 2019 each Monday night  20h30 the Comedy Musical: 
Jacqueline Kennedy, la Dame en Rose chez Maxim's de Paris produced by Monsieur Pierre CARDIN

8 August at Festival de Lacoste proposed by Monsieur Pierre Cardin Jacqueline Kennedy, la Dame en Rose musical direction Éric Breton

14 July New York Bastille Day - invited by Alliance Française FIAF - recommended by Pierre CARDIN
to attend with his Show Si l'on chantait l'amour accompanied by Eric Breton.

31 January - 24 February at the Théâtre de la Tour Eiffel Marlene is back play with Cyrielle Clair - produced by Mister Pierre Cardin, world famous fashion designer

7 January restart of the most successful Musical show Un Italien à Paris each Monday night at Maxims's Pierre Cardin.

starting November each Monday night, presented by Monsieur Pierre Cardin Un Italien à Paris

7 August  in Venice Italy, at the Teatro La Fenice Marlene is back play with Cyrielle Clair, presented by Pierre Cardin.

July 17, 2018, Festival de Lacoste premiere of his musical show Un Italien à Paris with his troup Opéra ma non troppo. Written and directed by Gérard Chambre.

29 May- 3 June 2018 - at the théâtre du Gymnase Paris avec : Don Quichotte Flamenco Comedie Musical - conception and directed by  Gérard Chambre.

19 February - 14 May 2018 -  RENDEZ-VOUS chez MAXIM'S each Monday night Lecture Musicale : Marcel passe à table chez Maxim's by Gérard Chambre with Fabrice Coccitto on the piano.

November 2017 each Monday night at Maxims's Pierre Cardin Parlez-moi d'amour...au lit ! au Théâtre Maxim’s Pierre Cardin.

July 2 Festival Auribeau-sur-Scène, Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur : Gérard Chambre and his troup at the Festival Théâtre en Scène with their new show "Parlez-moi d'amour...au lit" !

2016 - June 3 - June 27, 2017
, each Monday night at 20h30 MOI J'AIME LE MUSIC HALL - de Trenet à Stromae at the Théâtre Maxim’s Pierre Cardin

July 31, 2016, Les Musicales du Luberon.Concert/Spectacle/Classical Music. Duos drôles à l'Opéra. With illustrious Dame Felicity Lott (Soprano) directed by Gérard Chambre.

July 19, 2016, Festival de Lacoste premiere of his musical show Moi j'aime le Music Hall with his troup Opéra ma non troppo. Written and directed by Gérard Chambre.

February 17 -20 , à l'Espace Cardin
Le Retour de Marlene Dietrich with Cyrielle Clair and Gérard Chambre
directed by Gérard Chambre


Gérard Chambre made his debuts at the Theatre alongside Georges Wilson Othello, Roger Hanin Macbeth, Robert Manuel Catch my Soul, Annie Cordy Indien vaut mieux que deux tu l'auras, (director Jean de Poulain), Maria Pacôme Apprends-moi Céline, (director Gérard Vergez) Alexandre Arcady Hôtel Baltimore, Philippe Ferran Ulrich Helger, Annie Cordy La Celestine…  
He appeared at numerous Festivals : Festival Jean Cocteau, Festival d’Avignon, Festival de Carpentras, Festival de la Francophonie UNESCO, Festival Lacoste, Festival Palais Bulles,
Festival de Lumière, Festival Les Voix du Lyrique...
His vocal training let him to musicals  : Catch my soul (Théâtre Marigny), Gomina, Rock Opera (Espace Européen), Envoyez la musique (Théâtre de la Porte St Martin), Jacques BREL (Espace PIerre Cardin)Prière de laisser le XXe siècle dans l’état où vous l’avez trouvé (Théâtre Avignon), Les plus que personnes (Théâtre Avignon), Petites noces en si avec bémol (Tambour royal, Paris)…
He wrote and directed two operas de poche : Viole d’amour and  Mariages and a number of musical shows for the Theatre : Opéra ma non troppo, Concert en peignoir, Cabaret philozoophique, Guitry Cocteau
2006 Concert : Gouttes de chant on the occasion of the publication of his poetry collection (Espace Pierre Cardin).

Concert : Festival de la Francophonie UNESCO 25th Anniversary of the passing of Jacques BREL.

2007 Concert : La Vie en Rose Ballet concert in Peking with the Beijing modern company and the dancers of the Opera of Peking, produced by Pierre Cardin.

2008 : Concert (director Gérard Chambre) Brel - Piaf Les amants de l’amour,  Festival of Lacoste (Eve Ruggieri, Pierre Cardin) following a tour to  Morocco, Jordan, Spain, Syria, Russia.

2008 : Comedy Musical Don Quichotte - Jacques Brel (director Gérard Chambre) Festival de Lacoste afterwards at Festival Palais Bulles (Théoule-sur-Mer)

2009 Comedy Musical Don Quichotte - Jacques Brel (director Gérard Chambre) Espace Pierre Cardin. Gérard in the role of Don Quichotte.

2009 : Comedy Musical : Le
Petit Groom de chez Maxim’s (after the music of Jacques Offenbach) and Feu la mère de Madame (Georges Feydeau) Festival Lacoste (writer and director Gérard Chambre) followed by a tour to the Festival de la Francophonie Aleppo, Syria (that had already invited him in 2008 with his comedy musical Don Quichotte.)

2010 - 2011 : Comedy Musical Le Petit Groom de chez Maxim's and One-act-play Feu la mère de Madame (Georges Feydeau) chez Maxim’s.

2010 : Charity Concert,
Brel pour toujours  for the children of Cambodia to benefit the Antoine de Saint-Excubéry Youth Foundation and the www.pse.asso.fr organization. (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

2010 : Play-reading
, Cocteau-Guitry - Correspondances à travers le miroir  (Espace Pierre Cardin)

2011 : Journée Internationale de la Francophonie with: N’écoutez pas, Messieurs, LE BŒUF SUR LA TÔA and Si on chantait l’amour (Aleppo, Syria - for a third time invited)

2011 and 2012  : Cabaret BurlesqueCocteau-Guitry chez Maxim's (Le Bœuf sur la Tôa) and One-act-play N'écoutez pas Messieurs (after Sacha Guitry) each Monday night chez Maxim's, Paris.

2011 : Musical Show Festival de Lacoste, Cocteau Guitry chez Maxim's directed by Gérard Chambre.

2011 & 2013 : Charity Concert, Divan du Monde, Paris, with his new chanson Les Jardins de Lumière text Gérard Chambre (Ranohira, Madagascar)

2012:  Play-reading,  (Director and script GCH) Mozart..Bizarre...vous avez dit Mozart? with Gérard and on the Piano Fabrice Coccitto. (Espace Pierre Cardin)

2012 : Comedy Musical,  Charles Trenet, le fou chantant a cent ans, (written and directed by Gérard Chambre), Festival Lacoste.

2012 : Comedy Musical, Hommage à Jacques Brel - Don Quichotte, (Théâtre Opéra d'Avignon)

2012 : Comedy Musical November 12 - 13, Charles Trenet, le fou chantant a cent ans at the famous  Espace Pierre Cardin.

2013 & 2014
: Cabaret Charles Trenet, celebrating 100 years of Charles Trenet at the petit théâtre de chez Maxim’s (each Monday night).

2013  :  Play-reading, Petites Musiques de Proust
by Gérard Chambre with pianist Fabrice Coccitto. Texts by Cécile Leblanc (Maître de conférences, University Sorborne, Paris) (petit théâtre de chez Maxim’s)

2013 : Comedy Musical Don Quichotte Flamenco Festival Château de la Tour d'Aigues.

2013 : Poetic musical show, Petit Théâtre de Poche a tribute to Jean COCTEAU with Brigitte Fossey, Catherine Salviat, Fabrice Coccitto, Gérard Chambre  and Francis Huster.

2013 : Poetic musical show, Petit Théâtre de Poche
in remembrance of the fiftieth anniversary of the passing of Jean Cocteau and the centenary of the birth of Jean Marais. In attendance of Monsieur Pierre Cardin. (Espace Pierre Cardin)

: Performance, Jusqu'au bout du monde - Gérard chants : BREL (Avignon/Théâtre du Bourg Neuf)

2014 : Play-reading,
Petites Musiques de Proust accompanied by pianist Fabrice Coccitto (l'Enrepôt, Paris)

On May 26, Play-reading Chez Florence after the novel by Alan Riding (... and the show went on) with Cyrielle Clair as Florence Gould. Gérard in the role of Colonel Ludwig Vogel of the Luftwaffet (Espace Pierre Cardin)

On July 24, Comedy Musical, Festival Lacoste, Premiere of Chez Maxim's ça Swing - Hommage aux Frères Jacques (written and directed by Gérard Chambre).

On August 9, Opera CARMEN by Georges Bizet Festival Opéra Côté Jardin, Gémenos. (directed by Gérard Chambre)

2014 : Murs...Murs et é-CRI-ts de SADE.. .with Gérard Chambre and pianiste Marie-france Arakelian. (Hôtel de Sade, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence)

2014 & 2015 : October 20 each Monday night, presented by Monsieur Pierre Cardin Chez Maxim's ça Swing - Hommage aux Frères Jacques  (Théâtre de Maxim’s, Paris)

2015 February 9, Play-reading Chez Florence by Alan Riding with: Les  Universités Populaires du Théâtre. (CCU Brussels/Belgium))

2015 March 14, Play-reading, Petites Musiques de Proust accompanied by Pianist Fabrice Coccitto (à l'Atelier  PIANO + Paris)

2015 May 8, at the PLAZA Hotel, New York Charity concert  à la soirée ˈBal des Berceauxˈ dedicated to the organistaion FAAFC interpreting a recital of legendary French and American songs - with Gérard Chambre and Pianist Thierry Jan.

July 3-5 Festival Auribeau-sur-Scène, Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur : Gérard Chambre and his troup at the Festival Théâtre de Auribeau with three of their most successful plays.

On July 23, Festival Lacoste, Premiere of Cyrielle Clair and Gérard Chambre's new Play Marlene Dietrich in attendance of Pierre Cardin.

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Rather than waiting for the eventual « role of my life » which is necessarily very hypothetical, I'd rather do a thousand things that strengthens my artistic background...

translated from an interview 1974 with Gérard Chambre, by Linda, webmaster

© Linda Compagnoni Walther
Gérard Chambre with his full name Gérard Olivier Chambre, is a French comedian, actor, director, singer and composer, born in Choisy-le-Roi, Val-de-Marne. He went to the Sorbonne and the University of Science in Paris where he obtained a BA and MA in French psychology. He speaks French, English, Spanish and has notions of Italian.

He descends from Robert II of Scotland by Alexander Stewart, like his cousin the late Myriam de Béarn, novelist in history who notably wrote the best-seller Gaston Phébus. Gerard Chambre is also well known for his interpretation of the unforgettable and beautiful songs of famous Jacques Brel. With his beautiful baritone voice, he  enchants his audience since a long time.

extract from an article in RENCONTRES - Artistiques et Littéraires 

All superlatives are not enough to describe this distinguished artist born in Choisy-le-Roi in a united family in which he knew a happy childhood and adolescence. Soprano at les Petits Chanteurs à la Nativité
. With his attractive physique, his beautiful blue eyes, his irresistible smile but also his delicacy, his kindness, his simplicity: give him that romantic air he is plainly aware of but does not hide an instinctive modesty, an apparent shyness, burning of this inner fire, of this intuitive genius, like the unforgettable Jacques BREL, his master.
Recently his generosity has led him to a humanitarian tour to Antananarivo where during his stay occurred the delivery of solar street lights to the natives. He created for that occasion his superb song "Les Jardins de Lumière" a veritable hymn to
Peace and Solidarity: what a beautiful symbol and example, to which one cannot remain indifferent ...

by Jeanne Moulin-Ariano August 31, 2012

Jean Delannoy

Article Salut Champion in TV-Guide
Salut Champion

La guerre des femmes

Espace Pierre Cardin

At the age of sixteen, he appeared the first time on the movie screen in Les Amitiés particulières directed by acclaimed director Jean Delannoy. There followed parts in movies by such renowned French directors like  Georges Lautner, Claude Vital, Diane Kurys, Gérard Bitton,  Michel Munz...

In 1972, French television offered him the first opportunity to play on TV in the telefilm drama La Vallée sans printemps after a novel by  Romain Roussel.

Two years later Gérard got the part of one of the three leading roles in the very popular TV series  Le Dessous du ciel alongside Marie-Georges Pascal and Patrick Verde. He played major roles in Hotel Baltimore, Les Gaietés de la correctionnelle,  Le Vérificateur : Bilan d'une idole, Salut Champion : Le bon couloir, or in La guerre des femmes, adapted after a book by Alexandre Dumas.

During the
Eighties, he starred in three major television series directed by
Marion Sarraut after the novels by the Queen of History books, Juliette Benzoni. Gérard played the dashing Jason Beaufort in Marianne, a star for Napoleon, (with Corinne Touzet in the leading role) Chevalier Jean de Xaintrailles in Catherine, surrounded by such famous names as Geneviève Casile, Dora Doll, Pascale Petit, Philippe Clay, Jean-François Poron to name a few of the great stars in those series. And last but not least he played Admiral John Paul Jones in Le Gerfaut, with very popular Laurent Le Doyen.

My great compliments to the late JEAN-LUC RÉMY for putting together this video clip. We never met in person only through the NET. Yet it was the beginning of a sincere friendship. Au-revoir cher Jean-Luc,  may you rest in peace, all your work will never be forgotten. Linda, webmaster

During that period, he returned many times to the Theatre. He played in diverse comedy musicals with the adorable Annie Cordy : Indien vaut mieux que deux tu l'auras and Envoyez la musique. In 1974, François Wertheimer offered him the leading role of Rocky Flipper in the very first French Rock Opera Gomina.

A year later, he was on stage at Espace Pierre Cardin for Hotel Baltimore in the role of Paul, directed by Alexandre Arcady. Gérard's partners were amongst others, Diane Kurys, Dora Doll, Niels Arestrup. French newspaper LE MONDE wrote that he was something between a Gary Cooper and Henry Fonda!

In the Nineties, he joined Odile Michel and Patrick Olivier for the Trilogy - Audience - Vernissage - Petition, written by Vaclav Havel. He also wrote and directed two operas de poche: Viole D'Amour et Mariages.

At the Festival Lacoste, created by Pierre Cardin, Gérard Chambre is a recurring guest since the Festival was inaugurated in 2000. Monsieur Pierre Cardin said in an interview about Gérard Chambre :

« Gérard Chambre est un homme qui a beaucoup de talent et je l'ai toujours suivi dans sa carrière. Il a un certain sens de l'humour et de l'intelligence, écrit des pièces et est très doué. »

Gérard Chambre is a man with great talent and I have always followed his career. He has a certain sense of  humor and intelligence, writes plays and is highly skilled. (translated from French by Linda, webmaster)

l'affiche Le petit groom de chez maxim's

l'affiche Le Boeuf sur la Tôa

l'affiche Cabaret Charles Trenet

l'affiche Lectures Cocteau Guitry

In 2011 Gérard Chambre presented at the Festival Lacoste and at chez Maxim's, (each Monday night) his Musical Show Le Boeuf sur le Tôa (Cocteau Guitry chez Maxim's) which thanks to its enormous succes, returned for a second season at chez Maxim's in Paris!

In 2012 for the centenary of the birth of Charles Trenet , lovingly called The singing fool (Le fou chantant), Monsieur Pierre Cardin received Gérard Chambre and his company Opéra ma non troppo at the Festival Lacoste 2012. Gérard wrote and directed the Musical Show Charles Trenet, le fou chantant a cent ans. The spectators at the Château de Lacoste had enormously adored his new chef-d’œuvre. Gérard Chambre and his charming troup had once more captivated their public! The long
« standing ovation » at the end of the show was proof for a more than conquered audience! The consequence of that supreme success - two special soirées in November at ESPACE PIERRE CARDIN !

In February 2013 Gérard and his troupe de Zazous returned to chez Maxim's for each Monday night with CABARET CHARLES TRENET It bestowed Gérard and his group
two new seasons  (2013 – 2014) at the Théâtre Maxim’s.
The public, be that their fans, their friends, the journalists or people of the metier, had all adored that show who was a tribute to the unforgettable chansons and the man himself Charles Trenet.

In 2014 invited once again to participate at the Festival Lacoste, Gérard Chambre and his swinguers surprised their public with their new program
Chez Maxim's ça Swing
, a tribute to the legendary Brothers Jacques. The night of the premiere was the immersion back to the wonderful times of the mythical Frères Jacques, enthusiastically  applauded by the  guests in the courtyard at the Château Lacoste on that summer night down at the Luberon, in attendance of Monsieur Pierre Cardin, creator of the Festival.
To everyone's great pleasure Monsieur Pierre Cardin presented in October 2014 each Monday night Gérard's Cabaret show
Chez Maxim's ça Swing
: Hommage aux Frères Jacques at chez Maxim's in Paris. I invite you to read some of the touching messages visitors have sent to Gérard and his brilliant troup namely, Véronique Fourcaud, Virginie Simson, Mika Apamian, Pierre Babolat, Fabrice Coccitto, Gérard Chambre and pianist Antoine Lefort.

July 2015 at the Festival Lacoste with the musical play Marlene Dietrich. Text by Cyrielle Clair (Marlene) and Gérard Chambre.

2016 Festival Lacoste Pierre Cardin with Gérard Chambre's new musical show
 Moi j'aime le Music Hall. Gérard and his company Opéra ma non troppo had an immense success with this show. They were again invited each Monday night at the Théâtre Maxim's Pierre Cardin for over a year. From time to time they are asked again to perform this superb show all around France.

Festival d'art lyrique Lacoste, introducing to the public of Lacoste Parlez-moi d'amour...au lit... and from 6 November in Paris each Monday night at the Théâtre Maxim’s Pierre Cardin.

2018 Festival Lacoste with his brand new show Un Italien à Paris presented by Monsieur Pierre Cardin. After the Festival the show can be seen each Monday night at the legendary théâtre Maxim's Pierre Cardin. It still has a sensational success  since January 2019!

Dear Gérard, continue to let us dream and listening to your songs, poems and shows, which are simply sublime !
Linda Compagnoni Walther, webmaster.

photo with Producer Pierre Cardin & his nephew Rodrigo Basilicati

Monsieur Pierre Cardin presents:

The new Show of Gérard Chambre "Jacqueline Kennedy, la Dame en Rose" (The Lady in Pink) with Gérard Chambre and his celebrated Group: Opéra ma non troppo at the Théâtre Maxim's in Paris.

Since 7 October 2019
Time : 20h30 each Monday night
Where : 3, rue Royale, 75008 Paris, Metro Concorde

Reservation : 0142643733 - gerardolivierchambre@gmail.com
Ticket prices : 35€ (Discounts for groups)

Bastille Day
New York/USA 2019

Gérard Chambre and Éric Breton were invited for Bastille Day
by French institute Alliançe française

What if we sang about love
for more details HERE


Bal des Berceaux 2015
French American Aid for Children

Gérard gave a recital of legendary French and American songs
 at the 'Annual Gala' in New York Hotel Plaza, May 8, 2015


The director on-scene more...

Festival Opéra Côté Jardin 2014
Gérard Chambre - a man of many talents, and one of them director on-scene! In 2014, he was chosen to direct the Opera CARMEN (one of the most famous French Operas…)

Festival Les Antiques Glanum July 2016
2016 FESTIVAL Les Antiques Glanum - Mozart ad libitrum- Les fantômes  de Mozart
conception and directed by Gérard C

Festival Les Musicales de Luberon July 2016
Concert/Spectacle/Classical Music. Duos drôles à l'Opéra with celebrated
Dame Felicity Lott (Soprano) , Eric Huchet (Ténor) Maciej Pikulski (piano) and directed by Gérard Chambre.

ierre CARDIN - Cyrielle CLAIR - Gérard CHAMBRE

« Le Retour de Marlene Dietrich » à l'Espace Pierre Cardin 2016
The Return of Marlene Dietrich for more information see