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First Voyage 2011

Paris, Le Divan du monde
Charity concert

photo avec Gérard Chambre - Divan du Monde
Gérard Chambre
and his adorable chorus
at the
Music of the world Concert


video clip created  by webmaster

Les Jardins de Lumière
written by
 Gérard Chambre

music by Franck Montbaylet 

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Charity Concert Ranohira

'a wonderful journey'

photo of Gérard Chambre - performance at the Festival de la lumière
 Gérard  at Ranohira

Second Voyage 2013

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Charity concert
Fête de Lumière

image - photo avec Gérard Chambre - Ampefy, Madagascar mai 2013
Gérard Chambre
Honorary Member

 of the Association

« Les Jardins de lumière »

image - journal

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Logo of the page Les Jardins de lumière - created by webmistress

Les Jardins de Lumière 2011

(The Gardens of Light)

The association
'Les Jardins de Lumière'
organized on September 19, 2011 in Paris
at the Theatre
'Le Divan du Monde' a

text solidarity concert

creation - Gérard Chambre - text Allumez les lumières

Gérard and the his chorus at Divan du Monde

Gérard and the chorus sing Les jardins de Lumière


The aim of the project 'Les Jardins de Lumière' was to equip 81 villages with solar lamps and solar panels at Ranohira, in the south of Madagascar.
To illuminate 81 villages and 3500 cottages in the town of Ranohira - to create a
Garden of Light at Ranohira - to celebrate on October 2011 « The Feast of Light »  for the realization of this beautiful project.

the wonderful chorus of Gérard Chambre

written webmistress Linda
When Gérard Chambre informed me about his support for this magnificent project called
« Les Jardins de Lumière » it was already evident for me, to create a special page  for such a marvellous and precious Cause.
For the Charity concert in September 2011 at the Theatre
'Le Divan du monde' Gérard Chambre wrote the chanson Les Jardins de Lumière ! His contribution to the 'Les Jardins de Lumière' organization, as that of the other wonderful artistes on that warm September night in Paris, was responsible for an unforgettable and emotional concert evening. This to the great pleasure of the spectators at 'Le Divan du monde', whose hall that night, was filled with many guests from Madagascar, who with their contagious gaiety bestowed every guest a joyous night to remember, to which I count myself also.

I would like to mention that it is not the first time that Gérard had shown a very humanitarian heart for a charity project/concert. In 2010 he followed an invitation to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to attend a Charity Gala Dinner at the famous Restaurant TOPAZ with his
program Brel pour toujours.
He gave a second show later on at the
Studio 182, Chaktomuk and for that night he had spontaneously written six chansons under the title Refrains Souriants for the children of Phnom Penh. Personally, I had been very moved when he talked to me about his visit to Cambodia and mentioned the disturbing sight he witnessed near the airport in Cambodia. Children who must dig in litter, to get something to eat!
Gérard rarely talks about his contribution to humanity. For him it goes without saying, everybody does their part ! Why not follow his beautiful example in supporting also the association of
Les Jardins de Lumière ? in giving a donation to the organization of that unique project !
Thank you dear Gérard, you are not only a wonderful entertainer, but also a very exceptional and generous man.
Linda, webmaster

flyer of Festival de la Lumière at Ranohira 2011

Festival de Lumière

Ranohira 2011

flyer of Jardins de Lumière

Music of the world Concert
 Divan du monde, Paris 2011

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