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Songs of Love... 

If faut savoir...
Les Amants...
Ne me quitte pas...
avec le temps...
La Fanette
L'inacessible étoile
Quand on n'a que l'amour
Les Vieux
Trois petites notes de Musiques...
The great and the little songs
who have captivated our heart...


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« Songs are little bouquets of tenderness
Which fade quickly if you don't water them often....
Some are daisies, others are buttercups, asphodels....
Some of them are immortal...
~ Gérard Chambre

Gérard Chambre enchants his audience for many years with his immense successfully programm
« Si l'on chantait l'amour ». Be that with his own composed chansons or with the unforgettable and legendary melodies of such singers as Piaf, Brel, Montand, Trenet, Aznavour, Halliday, Brassens... with these Evergreens he takes us  on a tour de France we willingly follow, almost regretful that we have arrived on our destination...

If Gérard Chambre happens to be in your town, do not hesitate to attend his concerts. His magnificence voice will long after the show accompany you on your way home with a joyful smile on your lips.

Linda, webmaster and director of communication for Gérard Chambre




le 22 août 2020 21h

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Bastille Day 14 July 2019 New York

Gérard Chambre & on the piano Éric Breton

Gérard Chambre et Eric Breton au concert: Si l'on chantait l'amour Bastille Day New York


Pierre Cardin, Member of the Institute Honorary Ambassador of UNESCO

To the attention of French Institute Alliance Française in New York

Paris, June 11, 2019

I have the great pleasure to propose for the Bastille Day organized by Alliance Française to celebrate July 14 in New York excerpts from a Gérard Chambre show on French song that I had the pleasure of producing at Espace Cardin, in my theatre in Maxim's and in many foreign countries.

This show
« Si l'on chantait l'amour » offers a journey through the countries of songs written in the depths of our memories by the great French singers who have left their mark on the history of our country: Charles Trenet, Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Yves Montand, Charles Aznavour, Johnny Halliday....

I hope that this bouquet of songs will bring to New York the joy, happiness and poetry contained in each of these little choruses.

May New York, for the
« Bastille Day»  sing « Y’ a d’la joie à pleine voix »


Pierre Cardin


On stage with Gérard Chambre...


info - l'affiche Si l'on chantait l'amour avec  Gérard Chambre en piano Thierry Jan

image - Gérard Chambre - Soirée avec Gérard Chambre




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