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Dear Visitors

When I suggested to Gérard in 2010 the idea to create a website, dedicated to his long career, he agreed and to my utter joy kindly opened for me his personal treasure box to make a visit to his website a memorable and enjoyable one.

I would like to invite you to browse at your leisure through the different phases of Gérard Chambre’s career, which express the talent and the work of Gerard. I warmly recommend you to read his biography, see the extra pages about his work at the movies, music, stage work, his productions, or his Poem collection. 

Perhaps you like to look at the photo gallery - see rare, never seen photos of the first appearance of Gérard at the cinema at the age of sixteen, that of his role of André in  Les amitiés particulières ? (directed by famous Jean Delannoy)

Maybe you are fascinated to know that he still receives fan post for his role in the very popular TV Series of the seventies Le dessous du ciel – where he played a parachutist and made many teenager dream about that handsome hero Louis, very blond and with the most beautiful blue eyes and a seductive smile?

There is his role as a popular Pop star, who got into trouble with the 'Fiscal authorities' in
Le vérificateur, (with the late Bruno Pradal) or his guest role at the side of Jacques Charrier (ex-husband of Brigitte Bardot) in an episode of Le Champion.

For that role the shooting took place in New York and Gérard played a decorated American athlete sent to prison for a bank hold-up! Gérard Chambre stayed a whole day in prison to play his role convincing – and how he did! The last look we see of Gérard when he has to return to prison is heart breaking!

Gérard made it possible that we even liked him in his role as the rascal Roland de Cauvignac in La guerre des femmes (Alexandre Dumas)– fantastic!

Renowned movie director Geoges Lautner gave him twice a role in his movies. For example in the comedy
On aura tout vu (with Pierre Richard) All who have seen a certain scene with him and beautiful Miou-Miou, will understand why some people still call him today Aldo! I admit I had been very amused watching that scene…!

I like you to dream along with the sound of his songs he wrote not just for himself but also for other musicians. There is his sublime interpretation of the unforgotten chansons of legendary Jacques Brel. Listening to Gérard's La Fanette and you will understand why his concerts are having such an enormous success.

o do justice to Gerard's career, this site will always be under construction! – which greatly pleases this webmaster here, who likes to express with this tribute website, in honour of her friend Gérard, her admiration for this precious and magnificent artist who continually surprises us with his huge talent!

Finally yet importantly, I like you to see yet another, a very private side of Gérard, that of a very generous man towards underprivileged children. He is reluctant to talk about this, but we cannot thank him enough in the name of all the children in this world...

Before I close I would like to quote Monsieur Pierre Cardin the World famous fashion designer who said of him:

« Gérard Chambre is a very talented man and I have always followed him in his career. He has a certain sense of humour and intelligence, writes plays and is very accomplished. »

Thank you Gérard, for all these marvelous moments you offer us ever since you entered the world of show business. Linda

Director of communication,
likewise webmaster for this website
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